Why Choose Parker Line Striping?

Parker Line Striping is a self-performing, national service provider for many of our nations largest brands.


When your company chooses Parker Line Striping it receives the benefits and reach of a large national service provider, along with the quality and customer service of a family owned, self-performing pavement company. This unique approach to providing pavement services nationally, helps us reduce our overhead by cutting out the middle man, allowing us to pass the cost savings along to you.

Our national reach allows us to take on large portfolios (properties) of work across multiple states. Our 50+ years of experience allows us to do so in a most efficient and refined manner. Our complete pavement maintenance plans allow you to focus on other things, while we handle your pavement.

Over the years we’ve learned that communication and scheduling is key to a successful relationship and work flow. Therefore, we are committed to making that a key aspect of every job we perform. After the job is complete, we follow up with mangers and contacts to ensure a quality job and maintain meaningful business relationships.

We would love to get to know you and establish a long term working relationship with your company. Please call 877-265-6600 or contact us to talk about the pavement maintenance needs of your company.

About Us

Parker Line Striping was started in 1966 by Arlin L. Parker with a single Kelly Creswell line striper, striping parking lots for local businesses and colleges. From the beginning Mr. Parker’s focus was on providing the best quality job and service possible to his clients. This customer focused approach led to steady growth for Arlin Parker and his business for over 20 years.

In 1986 Christian Parker, current owner and son of Arlin Parker, inherited the family striper and took over the day-to-day operations of the family business. With a reputation for high quality work and customer service throughout Northern NY already in place, Christian worked to expand his company’s area of service throughout the northeastern United States. Over time Parker Line Striping’s high quality work caught the attention of many national retail chains and management companies, leading to further expansion of Parker throughout the southeast and entire eastern seaboard.

After 25 years, Christian Parker and Parker Line Striping have become a national service provider for many of our nations largest and most recognized brands. Parker’s commitment to the same principles of quality work and service as its founder Arlin Parker continues to be its core business principle.

Today, Parker Line Striping remains a family owned and operated business after 50+ years. Many of the same relationships that began in the early days are still strong. Since that time Parker has built many new relationships and continues to offer the highest quality work and customer service in the industry. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and learn how we can be your partner in pavement maintenance.